To me it was a small win. Three weeks ago I could not get these pants up. But Thanks to all of your messages it made me see it wasn’t something small but rather something quite significant “Yay the pants are up” I thought as I went to work out today. And then the anxiety flooded back. 45 minutes would be hard and I wanted to help do dinner tonight aswell- could I do it all? See as I’m still in recovery phase from my hysterectomy and my sinus disease is super active I am not able to pick when the pain or exhaustion kicks in. It just happens. I was in tears as I laced up my shoes. Why me ? Why did I have to get sick!? Have my happy active life taken from me? And then a little voice whispered back “ why not you; nothing is better than a come back” And with that I kicked my workouts but. Just like my illnesses have kicked mine. And I had this moment where I appreciated my strengths allowed myself to feel kind about where I was and I felt excited to try and do this to try and get my old life back; despite my diseases. And so I asked Dave to take a photo; of me fitting all this * signals with arms entire body up and down- into my pants. Let’s do this. One step at a time and appreciate the journey. And give us the pats on the back we deserve along the way. And so I blended my spinach blueberries and coconut water for dinner. And I’ll see my banana protein pancakes for breakfast! It’s all about balance. So here’s to these pants- may they continue to fit better and better untill they fall right of. Happy Friday Krechelle Xx