Left is Two weeks ago after the workout and then today?! I can see a huge change! Excuses I tried to use not to work out today; I need to rest?! Well if you really need to rest you can go to bed early or sit down after you work out. But I’ve just had surgery? Yes you have but you’ve been cleared for excercise and nothing is hurting and your easing into things. But I worked out yesterday? The only thing that’s going to give you your life back is consistency!! I have a huge blister on the bottom of my foot? So wear padding and extra softness inside your shoe. The blister can’t get anymore blistery. I just don’t know if I can?! You won’t know unless you try and fail!? Which you won’t. Try for five minutes and see how you go. But I don’t want to get injured ?! So be careful. Stop if you need to. Know your limits but don’t be lazy. But there is always tomorrow? Yes but think how good you’ll feel 45 minutes from now when you chose you and you choose today. It’s going to be really hard! Yes but it’s not going to get any easier by not doing it. I already showered?! You can have a quick one after!! Ill do it later?! But you have the time right now to invest in your future! What if something comes up later? I could talk myself out of anything. But I’m talking myself into it at the same time. And I ran out of excuses. So I did it 45 minutes light aerobic workout and 15 minute bicep workout with 3kg weights. Boom 1050 calories burnt! And you know what?! Straight after I felt more energized, more self worth; I ate my lunch and enjoyed it so much more because I knew I worked for it! And so I took a photo. And I will continue to take photos. Because documenting this means the world to me! My legs are swollen! But I am getting somewhere :) And I will continue to take everyday as it comes and treat my body with the kindness and respect it deserves. What did you do to move your body today?! What’s an excuse you tell yourself!? Krechelle Xx